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I like how Nihlus’s little jowlwings wiggle when he sees it” -AG

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Anonymous said: I love your art, but, why do you reblog mostly anti-social justice stuff rather than social justice stuff(the only social justice stuff I've seen here has been about rape in prison but that's about it)? Of course you don't have to post or reblog social justice stuff, but if you're going to have anything of it on here, why is it just critique?


Because people who reblog “social justice stuff” hate critical thinking. The ideal of the movement and the virtuous nature of the name [social justice] works to deflect criticism - how can you hate justice? - so people mindlessly reblog whatever colourful-looking charts and quotes they see in tacit/explicit approval, or use the movement as a shield to hide behind with their volatile bullying. A get-out-of-critique-free card is also great for people with thin skins.


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Now that’s what I call justice 

(pretty sure some of these are fake though)

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Anonymous said: Are you a member of any fandoms?


Nah, I don’t really consider myself a homestuck of any pokemon.

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Seeing all the cool stuff nintendo was doing at E3 put a fire in my belly!  So I finally set to learning three-dee.  I’m really proud of how Dove turned out!  I hope someday down the road I can make a game in this style

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I straight up thought this was the chimera from FMA. “Edward friend.”